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23/Black/Masc Male.
Florida Boi.
This blog is for horny yung guys, all (believed to be) 18+ years old. This blog contains Guys Cummin Uncontrollably! You'll only find Hot Cum, and Hot Twinks, no fat guys, piss, fems, or any extra fetishes that yall go to those other blogs for. All photos are #SFW (cuz I believe u should jerk at werk! :) or anywhere to be exact!) ALL Dick & Cum Submissions accepted!
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Young boy… but, a lot of cum ^^


Thirst traps by Igor


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mchael91 said: Hey bro u are so damn sexy, how'd u get that body?

jackin off alot

                                  :)                                                                                                                                                                                                                        <3

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love of my life

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I miss ya more & more everyday… 😓😢💕💔 #fareal #homies #Texas #reallove #forevermissed #donthateme

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